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superman origins? AKA brightburn I have cried most of the movie - so touching and sensitive it is. Most of Lithuanians are well aware of the facts: people banishment to Siberia, their horrible travel and terrible living conditions there, deaths, illnesses, we've read books, we have listened stories of survivors. But to see this story on screen is as hard, as empowering - this trauma our nation carries through generations it keeps us strong and it keeps vulnerable at the same time. I keep wondering, what kind of nation we would be, if this would never happen, if these doctors, professors, artists, musicians, teachers would be alive and working for our country?
I like the actors work very much, they did wonderful job, also the costumes are impressive as the camera work - amazing. The music is powerful and making cry - the national hymn in one of most unexpected and yet most reasoned place has left everybody I talked just speechless and breathless. I can understand, if for someone who is not familiar with our history, the movie might seem not so touching or important, but for us, Lithuanians it is..

Godzilla:king of the monsters HEY ITS LI..LIKE REAL 11:50 Men In Black 4 what a beautiful propaganda movie against the soviet union . Maybe Europe like the HITLER more. Dark Phoenix is one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel universe, they will almost certainly screw it up, but I'll still probably enjoy it.. Is Chris Hemsworth playing in Men in black 3???



Superman? So human are friend with Godzilla to fight together. Sound very original-_-.... what’s next? Human friend with King Kong to fight a dinosaur? Ashes in, the & Snow. tv, Hindi? Film, Free, Watch - Online Meh Humanity keep producing dumbs brainless generations and the filthy elites keep feeding them fantasies ,not a single movie actually talking them about their reality and the fact that they are slaves to the elites enslaving them .the slaves live like sheeples eat sleep ,fornicate and dream about imaginary beasts..

NATO propaganda Ashes… in. the, Snow! me? titra, shqip is there any smart movie with actual fun dialogs coming up? Men in black is 2 men in black, no matter what one identifies as Ashes, in. the, Snow release, date The Avengers Endgame it has to be I mean the Marvel it has to be Marvel Stud10s there are number ten on that Like this MARVEL | STUD1️⃣0️⃣S then boom turn into dust Meh!


These are upcoming movies that IAM exited for #1 Avengers4 Endgame #2 Spiderman Far From home #3 Captain marvel #4 Captain marvel (Shazam) #5 ???????? (??????) This isn’t like the book she draws him nicely by force I just finished reading it and I’m in love with the book 2019 is going to really suck.






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